We need the kids room, and the kids room needs us

MOMS. Moms are busy people. I'm telling you this firsthand. Moms will give everything they have, saving nothing for themselves without even thinking twice. They will reach down to the depths of their souls and wring out every last drop, all because they love their families.

WORK. We have a lot of Moms at the Fortress. Some of our Moms work in an office, other moms work on raising children who keep their pants on in public and don't bite their siblings. (I'm the 2nd type of Mom) For most of our Moms, they spend so much of their time doing for others, they don't make enough time for themselves. That's where their workout comes in. It becomes their hour each day to de-stress and build some mental and physical toughness so they can return to their families a better Mommy. Lifting heavy stuff becomes a safety valve.

SUPERVISED. When we built the Fortress, one of the non-negotiable items was supervised childcare. I wanted that not only for myself, but for all of you. I wanted you to have a safe, supervised place where your kids could play. In my mind, there would be a place for kids to play where they weren't just one door knob away from dropping weights and swinging kettlebells. Parents wouldn't have to be summoned a thousand times during their workout just because their kids were demanding one more package of Nick's Sticks. Someone ELSE would be watching (y)our children.

PLAN. Our original plan for the kids room was a pay-per-use system. Unfortunately, adding more cost on top of their CrossFit Fire membership rate was more than most of our Moms could bear - especially if they were coming 4-5 times per week. And while I'd love to be able to run the kids room without any costs associated with it, there is cost involved. In order to have a staff member in there who is experienced, qualified and capable, it costs money.

It would seem we are at an impasse. Our gorgeous kids room sits empty, and it hurts my soul. 

NEW PLAN. That's where the new plan comes in! Our CrossFit Fire community is one of the strongest, most loving groups of people I have ever met. You have proven generous in every way and we are asking again for your generosity. In order to make our kids playroom free for our Moms to use, we are going to host a raffle. 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will go to funding the kids room! Funds will be used to pay our staff member and update the toys when needed. Raffle tickets will cost $6 each, or 3/$15. Each ticket you purchase will give you another chance to earn A FREE MONTH OF UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP! That's right! A free month. BAM.

Raffle tickets can be purchased starting Monday, February 2nd. The drawing will be held Thursday, February 26th at the CrossFit Open viewing party. I'll post the winner to the blog on Friday morning!

So lets pull together to make our kids playroom accessible to everyone, and give away a free month for one of you! Buy your raffle tickets, and make your Mom proud. :-)

The clock wants some burpees

Establish max weight for the following:
1 Push Press
1 Front Squat
1 Thruster

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
KB Swings (24/16)
Thrusters (35/25)
*must complete 5 Burpees every 2:00

Oh man. Nothing like minding your own business, doing a great WOD, and the stupid clock demands some burpees! Wednesday's workout will be interrupted every 2:00, and you'll have to stop what you're doing and do 5 burpees. There are other workouts like this in CrossFit, and they all have one thing in common....you'll start to get mad at that stupid clock, because 2:00 gets shorter and shorter and shorter....

Thank you to everyone who has already registered for the Fight for Dwight workout! Looks like it's going to be a HUGE turnout! There will be no Power Hour or Team Saturday on the 21st, so make sure you register for your time slot immediately. Times are going to keep filling up fast!

Making Teams for the Open

Know what makes everything more-fun-er-er? Being part of a team. And it doesn't even have to be a team that wins every week. In fact, my favorite team I was ever on was a co-ed softball team that couldn't win a game to save our LIVES. Not a lot of winning, but we sure had a ton of fun!

To put a new and fun spin on the CrossFit Open this year, our coaching staff will each be drafting teams. Some of you may want to start discussions with your agents about signing bonuses and such....The Open begins on Thursday, February 26th. The extra added bonus is that this year, they are allowing competitors to scale workouts, and still qualify their scores for the worldwide leader board. THANK THE LORD!

We want everyone to be registered for the Open no later than Friday, February 13th. This will give us time to draft the teams, and to allow our teams to prepare for their first workout. Each week, teams will be ranked based on their total number of reps performed - scaled, RX - doesn't matter. Every rep counts. There will also be additional points added for things like team spirit, most coordinated outfits, and best participation.

After 5 weeks of competition, we will crown our internal CrossFit Fire Championship Team! There will be a plaque hung in the lobby with a team picture, and all the names of the participants. Your team will be immortalized in our lobby FOREVER, and you'll get bragging rights for a year.

So get registered for the Open! This is going to be a shit-ton of fun. I can tell already. :-)

Team Saturday is your warm up

Power Hour
3 sets of:
3 Press + 5 Push Press
1:30 Rest
Max Body Rows
1:30 Rest

Team Saturday
In teams of 2, complete:
20:00 AMRAP of:
400m Row
15 Thrusters (50/35)

It's gonna be a great Team Saturday! And don't forget that at 9AM we also have our kids class! There are still 2 spots available, so if you want your child enrolled, email me right away!

Last reminder kids, but Saturday night at 6PM is the Fishing Tournament and Chili cook off! Secretly, Team Saturday is just your warm up for the MUCH more important event.....all the fish game you'll be playing! If you've never played, don't sweat it. It's easy to learn how, and you can quickly master it! Plus, I hear our reigning champ (Garth) won't be able to make it - so we'll have no choice but to crown a new Fish Game Champion!

I hear it’s a tough week


3 sets of:
300m Row
10 Box Jumps w/ Step Down (24/20)
15 KB Swings (24/16)
2-3:00 Rest
3 sets of:
300m Row
10 Hang Power Cleans (60/45)
10 Burpees
2-3:00 Rest

Ok, ok. So your legs are a little sore from this week. I can hear you groaning as you lower yourself into your chair all the way from my house. But don't worry. This Friday workout will have you feeling better in no time! The WODFather programmed today to be void of the strength component so you could come in, get your blood flowing, and get back on the path to walking down the stairs forwards again.

REMINDER - tomorrow night at 6PM is the Fishing Tournament and chili cook off! Bring the whole family, because we'll have food, music, and a bounce house for the kids! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Here’s why you’re registering for the CrossFit Open

THE OPEN. It’s here. The 2015 CrossFit Open has finally landed. Each year the competition gets bigger and better. And each year I have to practically force people to register. It’s always the same excuses. “I’m not good enough. I can’t do pull-ups. I’m not at the level I want to be. I don’t like to compete.” Well stop right there, sister. I’m not taking your lame excuses this year, especially since you now have the option of scaling the workouts to your level. YOU’RE REGISTERING. And here’s why:

COMMUNITY. This whole CrossFit thing isn’t taking the world by storm because the workouts themselves are so super duper. The community is what makes CrossFit so amazing. Suffering together. Being vulnerable together. Working towards a common goal. These are the things that strengthen the one-of-a-kind community we have at CrossFit Fire.

ASSESSMENT. The Open is likely to uncover a weak link in your chain. (As if you didn't already know) And let's face it, you will never be fully satisfied with where you’re at on your fitness journey. Waiting for the perfect time before participating simply means you will never participate.

FAILURE. As adults, we hate the thought of failing.  Therefore, we bail before we have the chance to fail. By skipping out on the Open, you have immediately failed yourself. You have allowed yourself to run and hide from what you perceive to be uncomfortable. You only grow as a person when you leave your comfort zone.

MOTIVATION. Tossing your hat into the ring and registering serves as your public announcement. Your commitment to the world (and Facebook) that you are going to complete 5 brutally hard workouts for all the world to see. You’re telling the world that you are not a coward. And for 5 weeks you are going to give 110% of yourself to this worldwide competition.

SURPRISE. Believe me when I tell you that you will surprise yourself. You'll lift something that at one time you thought was impossible, and then you’ll do it again. And again. And again. You will find that you are physically much stronger than your mind believes you are.

TEAM. This year at CrossFit Fire, we are doing something brand new. Something exciting. Something that I don't think any other CrossFit gym has ever done....because we're just that damn creative. Our coaching staff will each be "drafting" their own teams for the Open. Participants can either be doing the workouts RX or scaled, doesn't matter. Your reps will count towards your team's total score each week. There will also be points for best team spirit, most coordinated outfits, and overall team participation. SUPER. FUCKING. COOL. You won't want to miss something this fun!

JOURNEY. In the end, I can’t ACTUALLY force you to register. But let me just tell you this – I have never talked to anyone who regretted their decision to participate.  So let’s do this together, wherever you may be at in your fitness journey. It's like, high Texas hair, big tits and white pants - go big or go home! Check your excuses at the door, take my hand, and let’s rock the SHIT out of this year’s Open!

Not Everything is CrossFit’s Fault

BAD NAME. Quite often I get tagged on Facebook and sent links to videos showing people doing CrossFit with less than perfect form, or doing questionable movements. I'm here to let you know, that it's unjust to blame CrossFit for all of this.

UNFAIR. It's pretty unfair to say that everything that anybody doing a CrossFit workout does is "giving CrossFit a bad name". GASP! Someone in Nebraska let their back round on a deadlift?? GET DAVE CASTRO ON THE PHONE! It's CrossFit's fault!! Can you really lump every single CrossFitter in the world under the "CrossFit" umbrella?

NBA. Would it be fair to say that everyone playing basketball anywhere in the world is representing the NBA? Does anyone cry out about how unsafe the NBA is when a player snaps his lower leg in half? Or when a player dislocates his elbow and breaks his hand following a bad fall? Nope. That's just playing basketball. But if someone gets hurt doing CrossFit in their garage in Alaska, that means CrossFit isn't SAFE. (by the way, don't click those links if you aren't ready to be grossed out)

IDIOCY. As with any sport, there are bound to be as many bad coaches as their are good ones. Same with teams or gyms - there will be some that are great, and some that are unbearable. And if all of this diversity is accepted when it comes to other sports, why not CrossFit? Why must we hold "CrossFit" accountable for everyone's idiocy?

CFHQ. As a whole, CrossFit HQ is responsible for only a few things. There is a blog with daily workouts published by HQ. The programming is tough, but it is intended to be. On this same website there are HUNDREDS of videos demonstrating how to properly perform the movements. And let's not forget the CrossFit Journal. It is full of articles on how to improve movement quality, overall mobility, and athletic performance. Nowhere on the site or in the Journal does it say "go as fast as you can, and let your form get all kinds of shitty". CFHQ encourages proper form. Period.

COMPETITION. Most recently, there was a video circulating of some high jumps performed at a "CrossFit competition". The competition is one of the largest annual competitions for CrossFit athletes, but it is not directly associated with CrossFit HQ. Do you see what I did there? It is a competition for CrossFit athletes, but it is NOT an HQ sponsored event. The only "CrossFit" competitions throughout the year are the Open, Regionals, and ultimately, the CrossFit Games. Sure, there have been some silly movements at the Games, and HQ has taken the heat for those. Everything else is programmed by the affiliate or the organization hosting the event.

COACH. While it's easy to point the finger of blame at "CrossFit", what it comes down to is that CFHQ offers a tiered level of certifications, as well as specialty certifications to help each of their potential coaches gain as much knowledge as possible. Ultimately, there will be some coaches who are better than others. We wouldn't blame the NBA for our 11th grade basketball coach's performance, so we can't blame HQ for the quality of the coaches using their name and coaching their sport.

QUALITY. Our focus at CrossFit Fire has always been on quality coaching, holding our clients to a high level of movement standards, and delivering top-notch results. Don't let all the internet CrossFit-jibber-jabber skew your perspective. CrossFit is meant to be delivered as a premium fitness experience, unlike anything you've tried before. It is meant to be instructed by knowledgeable coaches. But above all else, it is meant to be a life changing combination of community and a healthier, stronger you. So let the haters, hate. We got nothin' but love here at CrossFit Fire!