OHS – it’s harder than you think…

Happy Saturday morning everyone!  Saturday morning still remains our largest class of the week.  It’s always a treat to start my weekend off working out with your bright and smiling faces.  Yesterday we worked on our overhead squats. 

As a team, complete 150 ohs (40kg)
*after each set, both team members must do 5 clapping push-ups before starting the next set.

In other words, do it in as few sets as possible, unless you like clapping push-ups!  We tried to pair everyone up based on what weights they were using, and it seemed to workout well.  It’s easy to under estimate how hard it is to get that weight over your head and stabilize it.  Pete and Clark get the award for “beast skills” for being the only group to do the workout as prescribed.  

Did anyone notice Brittany’s clapping push-ups?  Apparently normal clapping push-ups aren’t hard enough for her.  Instead of just clapping her hands at the top, she actually gets her feet off the floor too!  Hands and feet leave the floor at the same time!