Updated Before & After

The long awaited update to my before & after pictures has finally arrived. We had a nice sunny morning, so we were able to use the natural light to take pictures. I don’t know what’s going on with our camera,  but the pictures still look grainy. (user error?)

I haven’t been concentrating as much on nutrition as I should have. (prior to the last 2 weeks) Considering how much weight and body fat I’ve lost in the last 10 days, I can only imagine where I could have been today had I started 5 months ago. This should prove to all of you that major body composition changes are the result of what you’re eating.

I can see some slight improvements in these pictures, but nothing earth shattering. Most importantly, I finally fit into my “goal pants”! I bought these adorable white pants over the summer, and have been trying my darndest to squeeze into them. I tried them on yesterday, and they totally fit! I plan on having a “goal pants celebration” very soon. You’re all invited.

Take a peek at Jennie in a bikini….