Setting a new high score

Some of you have recently seen your doctor and had a basic lipid profile done. After getting your results and reading my explanation of them, some of you are now looking to improve on your already solid scores. Let’s start with your HDL and see how you can go about trying to get into the triple digits:

  • Alcohol – HDL increases due to the ethanol content, but stick to wine and spirits to avoid the grains in beer.
  • Fish Oil – The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil will reduce triglycerides which accelerate the destruction of HDL.
  • Grains – Eliminate the grains to directly and indirectly (through weight loss) increase HDL levels.
  • Saturated Fat – This one is pretty straight forward, eat lots of saturated fat and watch your HDL go up.
  • Vitamin D – Achieving normal levels of 25(OH) vitamin D will raise your HDL similar to losing 30+ pounds!
  • Weight Loss – Shedding excess body fat can have the most profound effect on your HDL levels.

Show us your lipids!
Submit your blood work to me so that I can share your wonderful results with everyone who reads the blog. If you have numbers from before CrossFit/Paleo feel free to include those too. Thanks!