Avoiding Infectious Diseases

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere!

There is research proving that the sugar we eat weakens the ability of our white blood cells to destroy bacteria. Studies have shown that if a person eats no sugar for 12 hours, each white blood cell can destroy an average of 14 bacteria. However, as sugar consumption increases, the white blood cells’ effectiveness decreases. The take home message: Eat sugar and you severely compromise your body’s ability to fight infection. Check out the data:

  • 0 tsp sugar consumed – 14.0 bacteria destroyed
  • 6 tsp sugar consumed (1 medium apple) – 10.0 bacteria destroyed
  • 12 tsp sugar consumed (12 oz. orange soda) – 5.5 bacteria destroyed
  • 18 tsp sugar consumed (medium McDonald’s milkshake) – 2.0 bacteria destroyed
  • 24 tsp sugar consumed (venti Starbucks frappuccino) – 1.0 bacteria destroyed

In 1973, a different study was performed to check the effects of a range of sugars on our immune system. After an overnight fast, people were fed 100 grams of a specific sugar or starch. The effectiveness of their white blood cells at destroying bacteria and other micro organisms was then tested. It was discovered that starch, as well as sugars, decreased this effectiveness by up to almost 50% and required more than 5 hours to return to normal strength. Here is a list of the sugars used and the resulting decline in effectiveness:

  • Fructose – 45.1%
  • Sucrose – 44.0%
  • Orange Juice – 42.1%
  • Glucose – 40.5%
  • Honey – 39.0%
  • Starch – 13.4%

As you can clearly see, it is fair to say that anyone who eats carbohydrates throughout the day, could lose up to half of their immunity to disease.