The Fort brings us together

Yesterday was a Team Saturday that didn’t disappoint. The workout was:

In teams of two:
200m buddy carry
and then 3 rounds of:
2:00 muscle ups
2:00 power cleans (bw)
2:00 air squats
and then:
200m buddy carry

*break up the buddy carries any way you want
*buddy carries were timed separately from the rest of the workout
*only one team member could be working on muscle ups and power cleans at a time
*both worked on air squats simultaneously

Your final score was your total reps of muscle ups, power cleans and air squats minus the seconds it took you to complete both buddy runs.

Clear as mud?

One might think a good strategy would be to pick the smallest person in the room, and take off down the street with them on your shoulder. Sadly, both team members were required to use the same weight for power cleans, so you would have crushed your tiny partner with your heavy bar. 🙂

Buddy Carry Buddy Carry - Lisa and Brit

Each team had a slightly different strategy, but clearly the team that destroyed the air squats was our winner! Stacy and I owned the buddy runs, but Tom and Garth were unstoppable on their million air squats. Great job you two!

Team Saturday Champs - "The Show" & "Tommy Mo"