There have definitely been sweatier workouts

I’m not saying that yesterday’s WOD wasn’t hard…but there have definitely been sweatier workouts. For most of us, the handstand push-ups slow us down enough so that it doesn’t become a lung burner. But then there’s people like Ryan the Lion, Drew, and bank of America Ryan….they can knock out handstand push-ups just about as fast as I can air squat. You guys are the masters of the upside-down universe!

The workout was a 12:00 AMRAP of:

6 handstand push-ups
9 ring dips
12 hand release push-ups

Know what I love about this picture? You can actually SEE the effort that Jamie’s putting into her ring dips. Now, most of you know Jamie as the founder of “Crossfit Cheaters dot com”. She likes to find little sneaky ways to take short cuts and she’s also known as “captain water break”. I don’t know what got into her yesterday, but CHECK.HER.OUT! Not only is she putting in actually effort, she’s also doing unassisted ring dips. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s on the path to being jacked and lean by summer!

Speaking of jacked and lean, how are my BBC VI participants doing? We’re about 4 days in, and there have been a lot of questions. I made a video tutorial that will hopefully clear up confusion about logging your food. If you’re feeling discouraged and confused, don’t sit quietly and let this challenge pass you by – ASK FOR HELP!