Have I got your attention? GOOD! Saturday, October 13th at 9AM CrossFit Fire is hosting Barbells for Boobs. This is an annual event that helps support an amazing organization called “Mammograms in Action”. MIA was founded by some CrossFitters out in California to help raise funds to provide women with mammograms who would otherwise be unable to afford the screening. Are mammograms uncomfortable? Yep. Know what’s even more uncomfortable? Breast cancer. This is a grass roots fundraising event guys, and 100% of the proceeds goes to help women get screened. Early detection saves thousands of women every year!

If you’d like to make a donation or buy one of their shirts, just visit their website. Let’s show our support by our donations and our participation in this event! Wear pink to the Fort tomorrow!

30 clean & jerks for time (60/40kg)
*weight can be pressed or push pressed as well