Named WOD – Nancy

5 rounds
400m run
15 overhead squats (43/30kg)

OH SNAP! Did somebody say Nancy!? This little workout is probably the bestest/worstest WOD you’ll ever come across. It’s just long enough to feel REALLY long, but just short enough that you can really, REALLY push yourself. If you’re a good runner, then I know you’re dancing for joy. Perhaps you’re not a terriffic runner, but instead you’re a BEAST at overhead squats. Don’t worry – this workout leaves the door open for ANYBODY to step in and rock an amazing score!

One of my favorite stories from the Fort involves Garth doing this WOD. He blasts through his third set of squats and triumphantly yells TIME and collapses to the floor. I took my time wandering over to him because I didn’t quite know how to break the news…that Nancy was 5 rounds,

not 3!! You should have seen the look on his poor face. He had NOTHING left in the tank, and went with the “G scale” option that day.

Lookin’ good Garth…lookin’ good!