It’s boom time

2/27/2014 – Open 14.1 Announced
10:00 EMOM of:
2 Front Squats (65% 1RM)
Push Press – build to a max
1 set of:
Max Push Press (70% of max above)

*if you weren’t here Wednesday:
3000m Row @ 80% effort
*if you were here Wednesday:
10 sets of:
:30 AD @ 85%
:30 AD @ 50%

Looks like you can’t escape the Airdyne work this week! Muwahahaha!

So…I don’t mean to be all brag-y, but my birthday is next week. A yearly tradition we have is that we all go out together and sing karaoke on my birthday because it’s what I love to do. I realize many of you may not be interested in singing, but how about you come along for some good times and some good tunes!? We’re celebrating my 35th birthday this Saturday starting at 9:00PM at J&D’s in Wauconda. It’s at the corner of Rte 12 and old rand road. I hope you can all make it!