The Forgotten

“The overlooked. The ignored. Willful or not, we sometimes forget what counts, what matters most. It’s easy to go for the obvious – the show stoppers, the sizzle. But you’re different. You know the importance of substance, the steak. That’s why you squat. While everyone else trains arms, you’re in the hole, grinding out another set. Squats are the foundation for everything else you do in the gym. But squats can take a toll on the body like nothing else. Maybe that’s why many forget them.”¬†

I found that quote in a muscle & fitness magazine. It was an advertisement for Animal Flex. I don’t even know what the product does, but it made me want to squat. Like, a lot.

The text of their ad struck a chord with me. Because they’re right. So many times people want to skip right for the fancy stuff, and they forget the foundation. How many times have you been impressed by someone’s push-ups? Or their ability to keep their knees tracking perfectly over their toes in their air squat?? Probably never.

Let’s take this opportunity to praise all the forgotten movements at the Fort. The unsung heroes of what make us better at our everyday lives. Personally, I’d like to say thanks to body rows. I believe with all my heart and all my soul that if I hadn’t done a million of these over the years, I’d probably have lunch lady arms, and wouldn’t be able to carry all the groceries in one trip.

What’s your unsung hero of the gym? What would you like to give a little praise to?