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Bryce Carlson

Teddy Kunz


What year did you start CrossFitting?


Why did you get into fitness (and CrossFit)?

I was really big into strength training in school for sports, but then
I got into MMA and started training more for endurance. Once my 2nd
child came around I stopped training and got really fat. I couldn’t
stand being fat so I started going to the local gym and training the
normal arms one day with legs another, etc. I found myself just
getting bored and not really seeing any results. I was talking about
it with one of my co-workers and found out her kids did crossfit. I
looked it up and went to my local crossfit box. The first day was the
hardest workout I had ever gone through and instantly fell in love.
Then I later found I had a passion for strength training and Olympic

Why did you become a trainer?

Once I started losing weight and putting on muscle people started
asking me for advice. I would be in the box and people would be asking
me for advice during workouts. I found out I really loved working with
people and I enjoy watching people push through their limits to reach
their goals.

What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

Snatch and the Clean & Jerk

What’s your favorite Superhero and why?

Wolverine is my favorite superhero because he is awesome!

What is your favorite cheat food?

The worst thing that I consume is a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato with
2 extra shots of espresso from Starbucks


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • Olympic USA Team – Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
  • Team Attitude Nation – Level 1 Coach