Julie Konieczka

I joined CrossFit Fire In February of 2016. I had a 7 month old baby and case of the “blues” that wouldn’t go away. I felt like I didn’t have energy to get up in the morning, I felt tired all day and I felt like I wasn’t giving my son all I could. I challenged myself by signing up for a Tough Mudder. A FULL one. I never ran, and I couldnt even do a pull up. But I was determined to show my son what “tough” looked like and get my energy back. I went to Crossfit Fire 3-4 days a week. By week 3 I was getting up and looking forward to the gym. Classes were fun, and i was surrounded by these amazing strong women that were also moms! We became this group of tough mamas who worked every day to better our health to keep up with these energetic kids! The baby weight MELTED off of me along with 12 pounds I couldn’t seem to lose before I started working out. I dominated that Tough Mudder with all of the skills and strength I gained from Fire. Now, my son knows how Tough I am and I hope he has a hard time keeping up with me!

Megan Miller

I decided to try Crossfit for 2 reasons. First, because I was tired of feeling disempowered in my health and fitness, and tired of the cycle of “extreme diet, cardio, feel weak, repeat”. I didn’t want to aim to be skinny and continue fearing the scale; I wanted to be healthy, strong, fit, and not just comfortable in my skin but powerful in it. And second, because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something I was afraid of. So I signed up for a month, and to be totally honest I assumed I would hate it and that as soon as my first month was over, I would quit and go back to trying to force myself to like running on an elliptical trainer.

I’m so glad I was wrong! The first day I walked into Crossfit Fire, I was terrified. I had no idea how to use anything I could see and I was so far outside my comfort zone, I wanted to puke! But that feeling quickly faded as so many people introduced themselves to me, class started, and I immediately felt part of this crazy, fit family. We did back squats that first day, and I felt powerful. I kept coming back, day after day, and everyone was so encouraging. My perspective on myself and on fitness changed so quickly! Instead of hating my body, I started to love it for everything it was capable of doing. Instead of running alone, I was WODing with people who quickly became family. I was hooked!

That was over a year ago, and counting. Back squats are still my favorite, the coaching here is still awesome, and I still think the people are the best part of Fire. I never thought I would be capable of the things I’m now capable of, or that I would love fitness, or that I would find so many crazy fit and awesome people here. I came the first day wanting to feel strong and overcome my fears; Crossfit Fire has WAY surpassed those expectations and I am so grateful!

Sheena Merkel

When I first walked into Crossfit Fire, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had never experienced Crossfit before and the introductory workout let me know exactly where I stood physically. That was all it took for me to keep coming back. Eventually 3 days a week turned into 5 days a week and before I knew it a year had passed and Crossfit Fire became my second home. Teddy not only assured me that there wasn’t a single workout I couldn’t conquer but also gave me the knowledge and confidence to believe in myself. The entire Fire team want you to succeed daily and push you farther than you can push yourself and because of their passion and hard work, you leave every WOD feeling like the best version of yourself. Not many places feel your gains with the same pride you do. Crossfit Fire does. For me, there is no other box I would call home.

Sheryl Delsi

I used to try and work out on average 2-3 days during the week at my lunch hour at work. I would see no results and I was tired of my routine work out. My husband I and decided to try something different and joined Cross Fit Fire in October 2016. We started working out there 3 days a week. We immediately saw results and fell in love with program. Everyday is something new and always challenges you. One thing that is for sure you never get bored! Everyone at the gym is encouraging and makes you feel like part of a family. Teddy (owner/coach) is inspiring and so motivating we couldn’t do this with out him. We are now going to the gym on average 6-7 days a week and look forward to every work out!

Jeanine Scherer

Crossfit fire is nothing like your typical gym. You can always expect a great, challenging fun workout. Lifting and getting new PR’s is a great addiction to have. I love coming here for the great workouts but the people here make it even better! Once you come here you’ll never go back to those boring gyms again.

Courtney King

Like anyone else 2017 was fast approaching and I realized I needed to get my butt in gear and actually lose weight. In September 2016 I began weight watchers but had no workout regimen. I went from 190lbs to 175lbs and then I plateaued. I knew I needed to join a gym but I hate gyms and get bored easily. So I went on google and researched crossfit gyms in my area. I came across Crossfit Fire and read all the reviews and it seemed pretty legit. I was intimidated and still waited a week to call, I felt like one of those
guys that wait to call a girl after the first date. Finally I called and started my trial at the beginning of February 2017. I go three days a week, two if my work week is a little crazy, and now I’m hooked. The workouts are always different and fun but most importantly is the atmosphere. Everyone I’ve met, in my short period of time, are the best people. Everyone is super supportive and if you get confused the coaches are right there to lead you in the right direction. I’ve been at Crossfit Fire for about 7 weeks and I absolutely love it! I finally got on the scale and I went from 175lbs to 166lbs. I thought I had only lost about 5lbs so I was super happy!!

Jill Stonecliffe

When I started CrossFit I was in the worst shape in my life. I had literally just had my fifth child, and knew it was, finally, “my” time to work on myself!! I’ve always been an active runner, but dreaded the idea of doing weights.
The very first time I walked into CFF, my kids and I were warmly welcomed. Teddy is an amazing trainer who kicks your butt without you even (hardly) noticing the intensity of the work you are doing, and Jaimi ( his wife) is an amazing, kind-hearted person.

Thank you, Teddy ( and Bryce), for creating hard core workouts in amazing, family oriented environment.

Rob Ballou

Working in law enforcement for over 15 years has its own stress & tolls. I found myself becoming more and more distant from those around me. One day I was talking to a fellow Officer who told me that I needed to get out of my own head and get motivated. Overweight, with zero stamina she suggested CrossFit. I’ve always assumed that you needed to be a buff monster to even try it (boy was I wrong). I was directed to CrossFit Fire in McHenry.
On April 5th 2016 with my pride in hand, I sent Ted an email requesting to attend a class that night. He welcomed me with open arms and the rest is history. To date I’ve lost 65 pounds, I’m motivated to work out again, and take on many other challenges in life. CrossFit Fire is one big family, full of athletes from ever level ready to cheer you on and help you to see yourself again.

Maggie Baum

My name is Maggie, I started Crossfit Fire in June of 2016 with the assumption of making it there maybe a couple weeks. Seriously, I had a stigma from the beginning of it not being FOR ME. To me, Crossfit was a cult of crazy people that were born to dominate in this sport while everybody else just jogs or wastes away on an elliptical. Don’t even get me started on the whole paleo thing! I stayed far away..

Yes, for a long time I was perfectly fine living as a “cardio queen,” and admitting that I was not seeing results whatsoever. BUT.. After 2 babies, running was all I could do for myself at the time. (I know, silly excuse)
A good friend of mine had been doing Crossfit for a While and would send me pictures of her barbell or sweat angels after finishing the WOD and I would shutter at every one. It all was so intimidating to me, even as a multi sport athlete my whole life. Every time I saw pictures of what she would do, I would reply with “I could never do that!”

After months of running and running and running, I finally decided that what I was doing was just not working for me. I asked my friend Julie if she could get me in touch with someone to just try it out for a week.
She put me in touch with Teddy at Crossfit Fire and he worked with me for over a week one on one to see if I was able to learn some of the form during the strength part of the workouts. Last thing I wanted was to hurt myself.

I’ll never forget my first group workout. These ladies were bad ass, intimidating, but boy was I scared! The plus side: They were welcoming, kind, encouraging, and motivating! Even if I wasn’t able to lift very much when I started, I loved the team style workout, the group encouragement, the coaching, and the “one hour kicks your ass and your done” method!

Since starting last June, I have lost weight, several inches throughout my arms, legs, and waist, gained muscle, have gotten faster and stronger, BUT most importantly I feel better, and have gained confidence in my ability to achieve pretty much anything physically. Oh- and guess what, the cardio queen disappeared! I didn’t need all of that useless running.
Forget the stigma of the word Crossfit… I was wrong in so many ways and realized that very quickly.

I have learned to not obsess over the scale and my overall physical appearance because I am achieving my goals. I am thankful for Teddy, Bryce, and Crossfit Fire and I learn new things everyday in order to become more successful within my routine physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Another perk to this gym is the day care option. I have a 2 and 4 year old and Jaimi and Teddy make it so easy for mothers/fathers to get their workout in. They provide FREE daycare every day and they treat your kids as if they were their own. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this amenity and their positivity.

I would highly recommend trying Fire and consider membership at this facility. The staff is amazing, they are true to your needs and capabilities, and help you to succeed your goals.

Phil Delsi

My wife and I came in for a free trail on a Saturday in October 2016. We both were sweating our butts off and signed up that day. Started out 3 days a week after a
A month or two we started going now 6-7 days a week, can’t get enough of it. Teddy (trainer/owner) and the Crossfit Fire family have been awesome. From losing the pounds and really getting to that healthier state where you can’t wait what the next day is going to bring. Teddy has made sure you are doing each movement correctly before even attempting to do anything heavy. He’d rather you scale down and do it right and avoid getting hurt. Come in you’ll love it!!!

Lindsay Ciesla

After having three babies and gaining over 80lbs I knew it was time to make a change. I made one of the scariest, but most rewarding decision of my life and joined Crossfit Fire in Feb of 2016! I didn’t know what I was walking into……nor did I know that soon I would be calling Crossfit Fire my home and family. From day one Teddy and the rest of the ‘family’ take you in, encourage you, hold you accountable to your goals and make you want to be a better version of yourself. In just one year, I have lost over 80lbs, 5 pants sizes but more importantly I have gained confidence, strength (both physical and mental), and a love for fitness!!! Thank you Teddy for pushing me every day and helping me achieve all of my goals!!!

Jennifer Ravenscraft

Crossfit fire is Amazing! The programming and coaching is excellent.The coaches are very knowledgeable and helpful.The facility is very clean and well maintained.The owners are very engaged in every day operations. I fell in love with Crossfit the moment I tried it and Crossfit fire is like my home away from home. I have met the most amazing people/ friends at fire. Whether your a beginner or a seasoned athlete, I would highly recommend Crossfit Fire.

Jason Marsh

I joined CrossFit Fire about 8 months ago. My wife had joined a few months prior, and after seeing the enjoyment she was getting out of it, I decided to give it a try. I was addicted after the first class! I’m 35 years old and through most of my life I had participated in some weightlifting, running, and some of the in home weight loss workouts. Nothing I have ever done in the past has given me the results I have achieved at CrossFit Fire, and I never thought I could get my body to look the way it does today. Coach Teddy’s programming, has a combination of strength and cardio and every day is something different. I have never done the same workout twice in the past 8 months, which makes me always eager to see what is planned for the next day. The gym atmosphere keeps me motivated and coming in for 6 or even 7 classes per week. All of the CrossFit Fire members are inviting and friendly, and are truly interested in helping you achieve your goals. Also, Coach Teddy and Coach Bryce are excellent at providing feedback on form, and really push and motivate everyone to work to their full potential during every single workout. For anyone out there interested in getting into shape and becoming part of a truly great team and family, CrossFit Fire is the place to be. It doesn’t matter what your background is, any workout can be modified to fit where you are in your fitness journey. Call Teddy and give it a try. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Justin Collis

I’ve been at Crossfit Fire for nearly two years. The reason I joined Crossfit Fire is because I got bored with my old workout routine. I was out of shape and I didn’t have a plan to achieve my goals. I heard some people at work talking about how fun and challenging Crossfit was so I decided to contact Crossfit Fire to test it out. At my first foundation class it didn’t take long to see how out of shape I really was. I could barely finish the workout and when I did I had cramps in both my legs and I was throwing up outside. I had never been pushed so hard during a workout. When we tested my strength I could barely squat 160 pounds. Since joining Crossfit Fire I’ve lost 20 pounds and added over 120 pounds to my max squat. We have a very friendly and motivating group of people here that are always trying to get the best out of themselves and eachother. The coaches are very personable and informative, I never feel nervous or scared to ask a question or request a demonstration of a movement.