Wednesday 03.22.2017

Wednesday 03.22.2017

Warm Up:
500 m row/ 400 m run/ 1:30 Jump Rope
3 rds of
10 m Walking Lunges
10 m Spider man Lunges
10 KB Romanian Deadlifts

Front Squat + Back Squat (no break between the 2)
EMOM x 10+10 – 8+8 – 5+5 – 3+3 – 1+1

10 min AMRAP:
10-20-30-40-50-60-70…. etc
Double Unders / sc: 2 x singles
5-10-15-20-25-30-35…. etc
Wall Ball Throw Sit Ups 20/14


Tshirts will be here Friday night for those of you who registered for the Open. Make sure you come to 5:30pm to workout, cheer on others, and grab your tshirt! Sign up sheet for food is on the board across from the water. Family and Friends are invited!

Tuesday 03.21.2017

How everyone felt after 17.1

Tuesday WOD

Warm Up:
:20 sec on/ :10 sec off x 6 rds each of
Ball Slams 30/20
Seal Jacks

Partner WOD In Teams of 2
For Time:
1000 m row
60 Bench Press 60k/45k rx+:80k/60k
1500 m row
40 Bench Press
2000 m row
20 Bench Press

Important Notice:
Friday 03/24/2017
This Friday will be our last Open WOD for the year of 2017. We ask that you guys all come to the 5:30pm class for this final workout. Invite your friends and family to come watch and encourage you while we kick this WOD’s ass. There is a sign up sheet for you guys to choose what to bring in. If you want to bring something that isn’t on there please do!
First heat will start at 5:30pm make sure you guys come in early to warm up!

Monday 03.20.2017

such an amazing community showed up for Open 17.4


“Monday Thruster Fun”

Warm Up:
Coaches Choice

Thrusters E2M x 10-8-5-3-1 @ Ascending Weight

For Time:
Thrusters 52k/35k
Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

Congratulations to Jessica Marsh on 52 weeks straight

Jessica Marsh posing in between workouts at Crossfit Fire

Congrats Jessica Marsh for coming everyday (never missed a day) for 12 months!

I remember when you started 12 months ago and you weren’t able to even do an air squat let alone Toes to bar or anything else you can easily do now.

It was definitely a struggle for you in the beginning, but you never complained or back down!

You came everyday and tried a little harder than the last day.

Now not everyday was great for you and not everyday did you destroy the workout, but you CAME EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT!

That is how people become successful in Crossfit and in Life!
By showing up every single day and giving everything that you can!

You are an inspiration to all of us!

You have made tremendous progress over the last 12 months that we have all seen.
We are even more excited to see what you can accomplish over the next 12 months!

CF Fire ladies

Saturday 03.18.2017

Rachel and Coach Bryce completing 17.4

Olympic Weightlifting:

Power Snatch
5 sets x 3 reps @ 80% – 85%

Overhead Squat
Work up to Heaviest Weight for 1 rep

Team Saturday:

“Open 17.4”
If you haven’t complete 17.4 then today is your day!

“Team Saturday WOD”
It’s a surprise!