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I want to qualify for the Games

April 22nd, 2014, by · No comments

GAMES. I love how excited you are and that you want to set demanding goals for yourself. The Sport of Fitness has been professionalized though. The days of someone being introduced to CrossFit and then making it to the Games a few months, or even a year, later are almost completely behind us now. The athletes you see at the Games are truly elite. Training is their full-time job and competing is their number one priority in life.

GOAL. I'm not saying you couldn't ever get to that level or get to a level where qualifying for the Games is a realistic goal; just not yet. Anyone who tells you different is doing you a disservice.

FOUNDATION. Your goal right now is to develop a sound base: not only in your training (strength as well as conditioning), but also in your nutrition. Your focus should be on creating a balance between living and training, not on performance...yet. Once you are comfortable with the lifts, comfortable with working hard, and have a consistent schedule, then you can move to the next step.

PLAN. It's at this next level that we begin to develop a plan. You'll begin to participate in events throughout the year. We focus more on areas in which you need specific work and teach you when to "kill it" and when to "shut it down". You'll develop a deep understanding of your abilities as well as your different "speeds". Your nutrition becomes performance based and sound recovery habits are learned. We will balance all of this to develop a base from which a fitness athlete can be built. Once one begins to master this level and has the resources, namely time, to take it to the next level, we will.

ATHLETE. It's at this 3rd level where professional fitness athletes live. Like I mentioned earlier, training and recovery become your full-time job. Sleep and nutrition aren't even discussed because those were perfected during the last level. Very few people actually move to this level.

BEGIN. That's the general template I begin everyone with. I can't emphasize enough the importance of developing a solid base. You can't just skip ahead to the competitions and the glory - you'll need to put in work. Hard work. Work that will make you sweat, cry and maybe even bleed. But once you've put in all the work, the glory will be waiting.

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That’s what it’s about

March 23rd, 2014, by · 4 Comments

CROSSFIT. During the competitive season of CrossFit, we all get caught up in the super stars. The people with the high scores. The athletes who made it back to the rower. Their strength and work capacity are truly elite and inspirational. We whisper to ourselves that we would some day like to be as fit as they are. We wonder how hard we have to work to get where they are. But know what? It's not all about them.

TEAM. Take a look at the picture. Believe it or not, CrossFit is not all about the girl in the red tank top CRUSHING this workout. It's about all the people in the foreground. Cheering. Encouraging. Pushing her to do her best plus 1. Individuals might complete these workouts, but this is actually a team event. You are ALL part of that team. Whether you were there watching, running the camera, or cheering your head off with each muscle-up she completed, you were part of her workout.

SUPPORT. As with any sport, it's your team that can make or break you. Build you up, or hold you down. Each and every time I'm at the Fort, I am reminded of just how amazing our team is. How you support and encourage each other. It doesn't matter if you're on your 6th muscle-up, or your 6th minute of trying to get a single toes to bar - your team will be there to build you up and get you through.

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No Excuses.

January 15th, 2014, by · 4 Comments

OPEN. It’s here. The 2014 CrossFit Open has finally landed. Each year the competition gets bigger and better. And each year I have to practically force people to register. It’s always the same excuses. “I’m not good enough. I can’t do pull-ups. I’m not at the level I want to be. I don’t like to compete.” Well stop right there, sister. I’m not taking your lame excuses this year. YOU’RE REGISTERING. And here’s why:

COMMUNITY. This whole CrossFit thing isn’t taking the world by storm because the workouts themselves are so super duper. It’s the same stuff people have been doing for decades. The community is what makes CrossFit so amazing. Suffering together. Being vulnerable together. Working towards a common goal. These are the things that strengthen the one-of-a-kind community we have at CrossFit Fire.

ASSESSMENT. We try to make you rock stars at EVERYTHING, but there’s bound to be something that trips you up. The Open is likely to uncover a weak link in your chain. This will give you something to focus on for the rest of the year.  And let's face it, you will never be fully satisfied with where you’re at on your fitness journey. Waiting for the perfect time before participating simply means you will never participate.

FAILURE. It's completely normal to feel nervous, apprehensive, or down right scared about participating in the Open. As adults, we hate the thought of failing. For most, failure is to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, we bail before we have the chance to fail. By skipping out on the Open, you have immediately failed yourself. You have allowed yourself to run and hide from what you perceive to be uncomfortable. You only grow as a person when you leave your comfort zone.

MOTIVATION. Tossing your hat into the ring and registering serves as your public announcement. Your commitment to the world (and Facebook) that you are going to complete 5 brutally hard workouts for all the world to see. You’re telling the world that you are not a coward. And for 5 weeks you are going to give 110% of yourself to this worldwide competition.

SURPRISE. Every single year we witness people accomplishing what they previously thought was impossible. The Open brings out the best in all participants. Believe me when I tell you that you will surprise yourself. You'll lift something that at one time you thought was impossible, and then you’ll do it again. And again. And again. You will find that you are physically much stronger than your mind believes you are.

JOURNEY. In the end, I can’t ACTUALLY force you to register. But let me just tell you this – I have never talked to anyone who regretted their decision to participate. Not one person. So let’s do this together, wherever you may be at in your fitness journey. It's like, high Texas hair, big tits and white pants - go big or go home! Check your excuses at the door, take my hand, and let’s rock the SHIT out of this year’s Open!

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No Shortcuts

January 1st, 2014, by · Comments Off

2014. I hereby declare that 2014 is the year of no shortcuts. No stopping short. No taking the easy way out. No cutting corners. No backing off. Since it’s cliché to talk about resolutions on New Year’s Day, I’ll just talk about you. Your vision for yourself. Your "best you". Where do you want to be a year from now in your career, your life and in the gym? Most importantly in your life. Visualize for a second what you want your life to look like 365 short days from this moment. What is going to be different?

UNICORNS. Being amazing never came easy. And it shouldn't. If it were, then EVERYTHING would be amazing, right? If everything was unicorns and fairy dust, then how would we truly appreciate the work that went into accomplishing it?? One thing I have seen many times over the years is that if you didn't have to really work for something - put your sweat and love into it - you'll take it for granted. Challenges are what provide ordinary people with extraordinary success.

TEMPTED. And don't feel guilty for being tempted by the shortcut. It's not your fault. It's human nature. We are all looking for ways to make shit easier. The only problem is that sometimes looking for the easiest way can be a waste of time. You spend time scrambling and hesitating only to learn that there was never a shortcut in the first place. Think of the time you spend working towards a better you as an investment. If you were a house, the effort would be considered your sweat equity. And perhaps that's a perfect phrase for this....sweat equity.

DESIRE. Approach 2014 with the passion and desire of a person on a mission. Tackle everything in your life just expecting it to be tough. Do things the right way and you'll only have to do them once. Set goals and fulfill your commitments even when nobody is looking. Life is all about the journey, so make it worthwhile and say "fuck the shortcuts". After all, aren't you worth it?

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Getting Your Head in the Game

December 23rd, 2013, by · Comments Off

TEACH. I can teach you how to squat. I can teach you how to Olympic lift. I can teach you how to kip and how to improve your mobility. Unfortunately, there is one thing I cannot teach you - mental toughness.

CAN'T. I can't teach you to keep fighting for extra reps. I can't teach you how to keep pressing on when your muscles burn, when you are out of breath, and when every ounce of your being tells you to stop. I can't teach you to get over your fear of that injury you had half a lifetime ago. I can't give you the willpower to pass on junk food and alcohol.

TOUGH. Mental toughness has to come from inside you. Being mentally tough means controlling your emotions. It means embracing the suck - taking your weaknesses and making them your strengths. It means setting your goals high and doing your best to reach them.

WORK. All too often people are concerned with working specific muscle areas - biceps, abs, chest - but they neglect the most important muscle of all. The one between their ears. (disclaimer -  we shall assume the brain is in fact a muscle)

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What can you do for me?

December 3rd, 2013, by · Comments Off

PHONE CALL. I received a phone call a while ago. It wasn't unlike hundreds of other phone calls I have received. Someone was looking to join the Fort. We talked for a while about what she has tried in the past to reach her fitness goals and then she asked, "So what can you do for me?" It's not often that I'm speechless. Caught off guard. But somehow I didn't know how to respond.

GIFT. What can I do for you? That question just burned into my brain. There was only one way to respond. I said, "well let me ask you this...what are you willing to give?"  As anyone who has had success knows, it's not about what you're given, it's about how you use it. It's about how much you put into each WOD. How hard you are willing to try. I can't "DO" anything for you other than provide you with the tools you need to succeed. The tools are there. I've handed them to you in a gift wrapped package. Bow on top. It's your turn to open the box and see what's inside.

AUDIT. Use all the tools in there - don't audit which ones you're using. We give all the tools because we know that the combination is what produces success. CrossFit Fire gives you the workouts, the nutrition program, and the community. Every tool you need to have great success is there. All WOD and no diet makes for strong chubby people. All diet and no WOD makes for skinny fat people. Eliminating the community from either of those scenarios makes for people who only commit for a very small time. You MUST do it all.

TOOLS. So which tools are you currently using? Take a second and really think about it. Are you using all 3? Community, WOD and nutrition? If not, it's time to open up that toolbox again and take another look. We're here if you need any help learning to use your new tools.

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To the Rookies

November 11th, 2013, by · 6 Comments

- A Guest Post by Amber Rich

Ever wish you could travel back in time and tell yourself what you should’ve done, or what you should’ve NEVER done? After being in CrossFit for one year, I have seen myself change both physically and mentally. I’ve done things that I never thought I could do, and have done some pretty stupid things.  Since there is no time machine, I wanted to share my first year as a CrossFit Rookie. Here’re a few things I learned as a Rook:

Jump in with both feet! Introduce yourself to everyone. Even if you have seen their face, but have not officially met; go right up to him/her and introduce yourself. Why? So you can encourage them during the WOD. “Good job, So-And-So!”  “C’mon, So-And-So, keep moving, you’ve got this.” It’s the kind of community that makes the Fort so cool.

“Like this?” “Can you watch me do this?” “Am I doing this right?” Next, ask questions! Ask a lot of questions. It’s ok to be needy, especially when it’s something so new. Plus, if you have never lifted weights you MUST have some questions. There’s so many things you have to think about to get the movements just right. This is a brand new thing; Ask, ask, ask! Knowledge is power; and it keeps you safe.

Watch out! Keep on the look out! See how experienced people are doing things. Chances are, they are using great form and are being as efficient as possible. Mimic them. If they do burpees differently than you, try it their way. Also, be careful; steer clear of someone when they are lifting. Give them space in case they fall backward or drop the weights.

Coaches. You need a Coach for encouragement, advice on weight allotment, and to watch your form. This is the external coach. You also need to equip yourself with an internal coach; the one in your head. The one that tells you to, “move your ass!” or “don’t give up now, keep going!” This coach is just as important as the external coach. Be your biggest fan by having that one extra coach in your head telling you that you can and you will. You will do so much better on the WODs by listening to both of your coaches!

Eff  the Clock & Eff the HEAVY Weights. Take your time to learn the form. Form is golden. Form is king. Form is safety. DO NOT COMPROMISE FORM FOR TIME! You are new to the game and this wonderful world of Olympic weightlifting. Allow yourself to be a beginner. Take your time. You will need to practice over and over again, and not every movement is focused on daily. Trying to beat people on the board with better times and heavier weights will get you injured. Spend the first year focusing on form and stretching. If you take nothing away from this blog post but one thing, let this be it: You will perform better and lift much heavier weights if you learn the technique inside and out, first.

Lastly, Go To Events! Go to Team Saturdays and as many CrossFit Fire events as you can. It’s about meeting the people you workout with and making friends with them. Be a part of it. The hardest part is walking in the door for the very first time, after that, no problem! It’s such a blast and it makes you really see and value CrossFit Fire Fire for the family and close community that sets the Fort head-and-shoulders above the others.

Good Luck, Rookies! Be Safe & Have Fun!

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