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Ladies, let’s show them what REAL CrossFitters look like!

May 7th, 2009, by

Alright my ladies, listen up! Some of you have already heard, but I wanted to make sure that ALL OF YOU knows about something really special that we want to put together. I need at least 11 of you amazing women to participate in the “Ladies of CrossFit Fire” Calendar! That’s right, we’re putting together a calendar. We are still working out the details (we have an AMAZING photographer in mind), but the most important detail is that I have at least 11 of you willing to participate in this amazing opportunity. This isn’t going to be a “plastic parts and string bikinis” calendar, so don’t panic. You ladies are amazing…INSPIRING even. There is this misconception that you have to be a “hard body” or a super amazing athlete to do CrossFit….and we all know that it isn’t true. I want this project to show the diversity and the strength of what real CrossFit women are like. We are Moms, teachers, police officers, sales women, consultants….but most importantly WE ARE CROSSFIT WOMEN!

The plan so far is for the calendar to run August 2009 – July 2010. The dates are significant because of the dates of the CrossFit games. August would technically be the first full month of training for the 2010 CrossFit Games. Are you picking up what I’m laying down? A portion of the proceeds from the calendar sales will be donated to Operation Phoenix to help outfit the Marines with the proper equipment to do CrossFit training.

So whaddya say ladies? Are you in??

20 Responses to "Ladies, let’s show them what REAL CrossFitters look like!"

  • OMG..I thought you were kidding! But I'm in as long as you're serious about it not being string bikini style :)

  • Garth has to be included, right? Those poses are too good not to have in a calendar.

  •, Garth gets an entire calendar dedicated to him and his poses...sorry ladies

  • I've got a Santa hat or reindeer antlers for whoever is Miss December... Garth? Red knee highs and a Santa hat? Sounds like a good Christmas to me.

  • I vote Garth for October. Perfect month for him. Say it with me now:

    Bright. Halloween. Orange. Speedo.


  • Seems like Garth has a vote - and an outfit - for near every month. :) Dual publication?

  • If you'll have me, I'll do it. Well that is if there are any non-Garth months left...

  • Perhaps we can get a couple of Cross Fit Fire group shots in there. That could be fun! That way Kris won't have to feel left out :)