How Far You’ve Come

REFLECTION. While I was making some phone calls this weekend, I couldn't help but browse our list of members and remember fondly back to the first time I met some of you. You were nervous. And not just a little nervous, but really NERVOUS. I can remember how you looked around during your warm up. You were self conscious. You were afraid that other people were watching.

And you know what? They WERE watching. But not because they wanted to see you fail. Not because they were judging you. It's because they wanted to see you succeed. As you know by now, our community at CrossFit Fire is second to none. The people were watching you that first day because they were waiting for their opportunity to cheer you on. To build you up. To make you feel at home.

GROWTH. You've come so far since you first walked through our doors. You have grown to become a more confident version of your former self. You know how to load your bar, where the boxes go, and you've probably even memorized the warm up.

MEASURE. How far you've come is not measured in pounds on the scale. It's measured by what you keep inside. It's the internal journey of CrossFit that makes you a complete, whole human being. The biggest strides you've made won't be tallied on the whiteboard. Instead, they'll be tallied within your own mind.

YOU. So pay attention next time someone new joins the group. Pay attention to how nervous they seem...because THAT was you not so long ago. My, how far you've come. :-)

Team Saturday…and SAM AGAIN

8/23/2014 - Team Saturday
In teams of 2 complete:
2000m Row
60 Push-ups
40 strict Pull-ups
1500m Row
50 Push-ups
30 strict Pull-ups
1000m Row
40 Push-ups
20 strict Pull-ups
*1 teammate working at a time
*teammates may divide reps/meters amongst each other however they wish

Seriously. Why does Sam always win Team Saturday?! Sheesh! Well tomorrow we are throwing in a BUNCH of pull-ups. Let's see how he does with THIS workout! Muwahahaha!

Tell ya' what though...if there's anyone I'd want on my rowing team, it's Kim or Nicole! Those two gals are tearing up the rowers these days. I hear Kim even made the record board, and that's with one bad foot! I can't wait to see how she does once her foot is better!

At least it’s only one round

8:00 AMRAP of:
strict Ring Dips
Complete Push-up Progression

1 Round of:
800m Run
35 Front Squats (45/30)
400m Run
25 Front Squats (45/30)
200m Run
15 Front Squats (45/30)

She's either about to squat the bar, or PUNCH IT. Let's hope she squats it!

Believe me, nothing in the whole world will feel as amazing as that last 200m run. Truthfully.

Strength ON WOD OFF

Part 1
10:00 Handstand or Handstand Walk Practice
Part 2
5 sets of:
5 Bench Press
1:30 Rest
5 Deadlifts
1:30 Rest
Part 3
3 sets of:
20 DB Press (35/20)
1:30 Rest


Ok, so I realize this is a picture of a sumo deadlift, and not a regular one. BUT WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!

I hope you all have 9/6 marked on your calendars for the Outdoor Adventure WOD! We'll make a video to announce the workout and post it on the blog the week before the event.

There are so many big thing in the works here at CFF! Not only did we officially sign the lease for our new facility, but we are also beefing up our internal systems. We are putting the final touches on a complete, 30 page nutrition guide, launching a newsletter, developing a client-of-the-month campaign.....there's too much to list. Just keep your eyes open for the new changes as we roll them out. You're going to be dazzled!

Our new rates and packages are now in effect - so once your current membership runs out you'll need to switch to the new packages. If you haven't done so, please either speak with Bill, or call Jennie (815-207-8844) and let us know which package you'd like to go with so that there aren't any lapses in your membership!

No magazines

2 sets of:
:20 AirDyne Hard
3:40 Rest
:20 Row Hard
3:40 Rest
*during the rest, practice gymnastics skill work such as: push-up progressions, pull-up progressions, handstand hold/walk/push-up, pistols, rope climbs, muscle-ups

3:00 AirDyne Sprint
6:00 Rest
1000m Row TT

You've never truly done anything "hard" until you've done the Airdyne "hard". It is truly a one of a kind experience. Over the years we have accumulated a small collection of these little beauties. Most of them are the same model as the one that used to be in your Grandma's basement, or the Woodstock High School weight room. And while people are quick to discard these when they no longer serve useful as a clothes rack, we gladly scoop them up and add them to our team! The most recent Airdyne was purchased from the Salvation Army store here in town, and it came with a magazine rack on it. I dare you to try and read US Weekly while going "hard"! (Jamie)

Being a Beginner at CrossFit

Everyone is nervous about starting CrossFit. Everyone. I had someone tell me years ago that she would get nauseous every time she drove past our building. Walking through the door for the first time is the hardest thing you'll ever do. I would know, I've been a beginner 3 times.

DNF. I started CrossFit abruptly back in January of 2008. (this picture is me with Annie Sakamoto) My first time attempting a workout was at my Level 1 certification. I was the only girl there who couldn't do pull-ups. I was the only person without visible abs. Hell, I didn't finish a single workout they gave us. And...I cried. CrossFit was hard, and I was embarrassed to be so out of shape.

OUCH. For about a week after we returned from the certification, my body ached. Actually, ached is the wrong word. It throbbed and screamed. Every muscle in my body was sore. But somewhere inside me I knew CrossFit was exactly the thing I had been looking for. Sure, it would have been nice  to be able to sit to pee without wincing, or walk down the stairs forwards again, but I was hooked.

DOSE. Fortunately for all of you, you're not starting your CrossFit journey at a level 1 certification. You get to start it at the Fort, surrounded by other people of all fitness levels. And we're not going to give you such a potent dose of CrossFit that you can't raise your arms to blow dry your hair. Our team of coaches is here to help you adjust the workout so that it matches your current level of fitness.

BEGIN. I'm telling you that if there's anywhere to be a beginner, it's CrossFit Fire. We'll help you get started the right way to ensure you keep coming back for more! Just remember this - the first 6 workouts are the hardest, and then it gets better from there!


Part 1
10 sets of:
2 Hang Power Cleans
1:00 Rest

Part 2
50 Overhead 2 Handed Throws w/ Slam Ball (30/20)
50 Backwards Granny Tosses w/ Slam Ball (30/20)
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)


Hey guys, remember THIS from last summer? We did backwards granny tosses at out outdoor WOD-A-QUE - and now we're doing them again!!

Speaking of the outdoor Wod-a-que - mark your calendars! We're bringing it back! Saturday, September 6th, in place of power hour and Team Saturday we will be heading outdoors. I'll announce more details this weekend - but save the date!!