Take a deep breath, and drink water!

Guest post by Lyn Hallan - 

That’s right – breathe! Right here and right now – stop, breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Feel the air fill your lungs. Next, drink a glass of water. Feel better? “Mindful living” during the holiday season is somewhat of an oxymoron. These are two simple things you can do to minimize the tension and increase your energy.

The power of breathing is known to reduce stress and enhance our overall well-being. Most often our breathing is on auto-pilot. Clinical studies show that 90% of us only use 25% of our lung capacity. It has been proven that deep breathing relieves stress, increases mental clarity, increases energy and helps to release toxins through our blood stream.

Our body also needs to be hydrated. Not enough water can make us feel sluggish. I read on WebMD, “Stress can cause dehydration, and dehydration can cause stress. It’s a vicious cycle. You can break it by building more water consumption into your day”.

If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to unwind from your stress-filled life, take a minute to practice deep breathing and drink a glass of water.

We wish our Fire families a very happy holiday and a new year filled with joy, health and love.

Parking Situation

Hey everyone - just a quick note about our current parking situation. The building association striped the parking lot a couple weeks ago in an attempt to make our lives difficult. We have been trying to resolve things with the board, but the process is a lot slower than we'd like. Currently, here are the places where we can park:

  • Lettered parking spots "A", "B", "E".
  • Parallel to the road in front of our bay door, not to encroach on the "no parking" easement (we should be able to fit 3 cars)
  • Parallel to the road in front of unit "B" bay door, again, don't park in the no parking zone
  • Along Wegner road so long as your vehicle is completely off the road
  • Along Herbert Road
  • 6:30PM classes can park across Herbert Rd. in the Federal Fulfillment parking lot
  • In the Equestrian area turnaround across Wegner Rd
I realize this is a complete pain in the ass. We have been trying to comply with their crazy demands, and all we've gotten in return is more restrictions. I promise we are working on resolving this, and I thank you guys for your patience. If anything else changes, I will let you know.

Simply Having a Wonderful Front Squat time!

7 sets of
2 Front Squats (70% 1RM)
1:00 rest

"Open 13.4"
7:00 AMRAP
3 Clean & Jerks
3 Toes to Bar
6 Clean & Jerks
6 Toes to Bar
9 Clean & Jerks
9 Toes to Bar.....

Can you tell I'm listening to Christmas music while making my blog posts? That terrible song is on right now, and it is eating away at my brain. Yesterday all I could hear was the Little Drummer Boy. Pa-rum-pum-pum-pum! Ugh. I love Christmas music, but it has a tendency to be sticky in my brain.

Remember this workout? We did it at last year's Open. The idea is to get as far as you can in 7 minutes. You'll keep adding 3 reps every time you successfully complete a round. While I know you like to compare your score to the last time, and see what amazing progress you've made, also keep in mind that you didn't do heavy front squats before this WOD the last time. That matters. A lot. So have fun with this, and consider setting a new PR a HUGE bonus!

Honoring Sergeant Loredo


6 rounds for time:
24 squats
24 push-ups
24 steps walking lunges
400m run

We're using our Wednesday to honor Sergeant Eddie Loredo. It's not often that we do hero workouts for our normal programming, so this might be a first for a lot of you. Hero workouts are long. And hard. They are quite possibly the most challenging workouts you'll ever do. Not only are they tough physically, but mentally as well. I encourage you to read the story about how Sergeant Loredo lost his life, and do this workout to honor his sacrifice.

I'd like to give Joe a shout out for his recent accomplishments. Not only did he string together his straight bar muscle-ups, I heard he also got his first muscle-up on the rings! Woo Hoo! All that practice is really paying off!

If you're still feeling sore from the lunges the other day, this is your official notice to SUCK.IT.UP. There's nothing worse for sore muscles than inactivity. Bring your sore butt to the Fort, do a scaled version of this WOD, and you'll be feeling better in no time!

What can you do for me?

PHONE CALL. I received a phone call a while ago. It wasn't unlike hundreds of other phone calls I have received. Someone was looking to join the Fort. We talked for a while about what she has tried in the past to reach her fitness goals and then she asked, "So what can you do for me?" It's not often that I'm speechless. Caught off guard. But somehow I didn't know how to respond.

GIFT. What can I do for you? That question just burned into my brain. There was only one way to respond. I said, "well let me ask you this...what are you willing to give?"  As anyone who has had success knows, it's not about what you're given, it's about how you use it. It's about how much you put into each WOD. How hard you are willing to try. I can't "DO" anything for you other than provide you with the tools you need to succeed. The tools are there. I've handed them to you in a gift wrapped package. Bow on top. It's your turn to open the box and see what's inside.

AUDIT. Use all the tools in there - don't audit which ones you're using. We give all the tools because we know that the combination is what produces success. CrossFit Fire gives you the workouts, the nutrition program, and the community. Every tool you need to have great success is there. All WOD and no diet makes for strong chubby people. All diet and no WOD makes for skinny fat people. Eliminating the community from either of those scenarios makes for people who only commit for a very small time. You MUST do it all.

TOOLS. So which tools are you currently using? Take a second and really think about it. Are you using all 3? Community, WOD and nutrition? If not, it's time to open up that toolbox again and take another look. We're here if you need any help learning to use your new tools.

Welcome to December

Handstand Holds/Handstand Walks/Handstand Push-Up Work

2 Rounds of:
2:00 DB Snatch
2:00 Rest
2:00 L-Sit Pull-ups
2:00 Rest
2:00 Shuttle Run
2:00 Rest

Hopefully you all enjoyed your thanksgiving! I know ours was hectic, but wonderful. Nothing like eating turkey all day and then passing out in a food coma.

Tuesday night is the first official practice of our rowing team. If you signed up, we'll see you at 6:30PM! Make sure you get your name and size on the rowing shirt sign up.

Friday is the last day to order your CrossFit Fire zip-up hoodie. The sign up sheet is hanging at the Fort. This will be a one time order, so don't miss this! These hoodies are going to be THE COOLEST!

Get your Holiday Shopping done!


Max Side Plank - Left
3:00 rest
Max Side Plank - Right
Part 2
500m row
40 squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups
Part 3
3 sets of:
4-6 Body Rows
1:00 rest
:15 - :45 handstand hold
1:00 rest

Couple of things - please make note of our schedule for Thursday and Friday of this week. We will not have any classes on Thanksgiving and only a 9AM on Friday.

Next - please make sure you have our Fort Holiday Party on your calendar. It's gonna be super fun! (12/21 6:00PM)

AND THEN - our interest in the rowing team has been phenomenal! We only have 3 spots left for our Tuesday night session. If we get more than 14 people signed up, we will open a 2nd evening practice. The rowing team will all be getting t-shirts, but if you would also like one, you can order one. There will be a sign up sheet at the Fort. I need everyone (row team included) to put their name/size on this sheet so we can get these ordered ASAP. (included in $40 row team membership, or $25 for non team members)

We will also be placing an order for CrossFit Fire hoodies. Sign up sheet will be hung at the Fort. They are $45, and these are NICE hoodies, you guys. I'm placing the order 12/6 so we get them in time to appear under the tree!