High expectations Wednesday

Part 1
3 sets of:
5 Push Presses (moderate weight, focus on bar speed)
2:00 Rest
Part 2
3 sets of:
5 Deadlifts (moderate weight, focus on perfect form)
2:00 Rest
5 Weighted Pull-ups
2:00 Rest
Part 3
2 sets of:
:50 Hollow Body
:10 Rest
:50 Superman
:10 Rest


Sheesh, no pressure or anything...but the WODFather wants you guys to focus on being "perfect". And while using only light to moderate weight doesn't seem like it's doing much, it's actually serving one of the most important functions in the gym - reinforcing good movement habits. You see, when shit gets heavy, your body is going to try and break down that good form you've been practicing. It's going to whisper in your ear and try and get you to round your back, or drift to the balls of your feet. So you need to load your subconscious with as much perfect form practice as possible so you can keep that great form even when your barbell is heavy, or it's time for 3, 2, 1, GO!

The Farmer in the Dell


2000m Row
15 UB Overhead Squats
100m Farmer’s Carry
1000m Row
10 UB Overhead Squats
200m Farmer’s Carry
500m Row
5 UB Overhead Squats
400m Farmer’s Carry

That song doesn't even make sense, by the way. The farmer in the DELL? What does that even MEAN!? Well, you can ponder the meaning to that song, and anything else that's troubling you during your farmer's carries! They are a great way to build up grip strength, so feel free to push yourself to carry something heavy. Make sure you're keeping good posture though, we don't want to see your shoulder slumping forward, or back rounding. Stand up straight!

I want to welcome Jake and Holly back to the Fort! For a few years they moved away to ALASKA, but now they're back and we couldn't be happier. The best part? They brought an adorable new fort family member back with them. So glad you're back!

Jello Legs Friday

Part 1
12:00 EMOM of:
Odd: 3 Deadlifts @ 20X0 (80% 1RM)
Even: 10-12 Wall Ball Shots (20/14)
Part 2
Front Squats
7-6-5 w/ 3:00 Rest

10:00 AMRAP of:
100m Run
5 Burpees
100m Run
5 Box Jumps (20/20)

Look at this fantastic line up for Friday! There's something for everyone in this workout! Let me hear a hip hip HOORAY for 100m sprints!!

Murph Is Back

The Hero WOD for this month is back. For those that have been at Crossfit Fire for awhile, know that the monthly Hero WOD's have been MIA (Missing In Action). Well for Memorial Day, May 26th at 10:00 am Crossfit Fire will be conducting the Hero WOD "Murph"

For those that don't know "Murph" is to honor a Navy SEAL by the name of Lt Michael P. Murphy that received the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan on June 28, 2005.

If you do not know the full story behind Michael Murphy and Operation Redwing I would highly encourage you to read the book "Lone Survivor". At the end of this post there are some exerpts from the book that document Michael Murphy's heroic act and how he was killed. It is told from the eyes of Marcus Latrell the only survivor of the four man Navy SEAL team that came under heavy attack while conducting a reconnaissance mission. You can watch a short video of an interview with Marcus Latrell by clicking on the link.

For those that want to donate or be apart of the "Murph Challenge" click on the link for more information.

The Hero WOD "Murph"

1 Mile Run

100 Pull-Ups

200 Push-Ups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

Rx'd = wearing 20lb vest or pack

(pull-up, push-up, squat reps can be broken up any way desired)

As always Murph can be broken down to anyones individual abilities. You can do a half Murph (half of everything), you can turn it into a WOD with a partner or a half Murph with a partner. The most important thing is that you come out to show your support for those that gave everything so that we can live free with peace. What better way to honor the fallen than by doing a workout on Memorial Day! For those that feel 10:00 am is too late I will be at Crossfit Fire workingout at 8:00 am. There will not be a coach at this time but I will be there and keep an eye on those that show up while I workout. This event is free and open to all (non-Crossfiters are more than welcome to attend). I hope to see you there.


Excerpt From: Marcus Luttrell & Patrick Robinson. “Lone Survivor.” Little, Brown and Company, 2007-06-12. iBooks.This material may be protected by copyright

“And now Murph was masterminding a way down the escarpment. He had chosen the route and called up Axe to follow him down. And still the bullets were humming around us as the Taliban started their pursuit. Mikey and Axe were about seventy-five yards in front, and I was dragging Danny along while he did everything he could to help, trying to walk, trying to give us covering fire.

“It’s okay, Danny,” I kept saying. “We just need to catch up with the others. It’s gonna be all right.”

Right then a bullet caught him full in the upper part of his face. I heard it hit home, I turned to help him, and the blood from his head wound spilled over us both. I called out to him. But it was too late. He wasn’t fighting the terrible pain anymore. And he couldn’t hear me. Danny Dietz died right there in my arms. I don’t know how quickly hearts break, but that nearly broke mine.”


“They were up and screaming at us, yelling as the battle almost became close quarters. We yelled right back and kept firing. But there were still so many of them, and then they got into better position and shot Mikey Murphy through the chest.

He came toward me, asking if I could give him another magazine. And then I saw Axe stumbling toward me, his head pushed out, blood running down his face, bubbling out of the most shocking head wound.

“They shot me, bro,” he said. “The bastards shot me. Can you help me, Marcus?” What could I say? What could I do? I couldn’t help except by trying to fight off the enemy. And Axe was standing right in my line of fire.

I tried to help him get down behind a rock. And I turned to Mikey, who was obviously badly hurt now. “Can you move, buddy?” I asked him.

And he groped in his pocket for his mobile phone, the one we had dared not use because it would betray our position. And then Lieutenant Murphy walked out into the open ground. He walked until he was more or less in the center, gunfire all around him, and he sat on a small rock and began punching in the numbers to HQ.

I could hear him talking. “My men are taking heavy fire...we’re getting picked apart. My guys are dying out here...we need help.”

And right then Mikey took a bullet straight in the back. I saw the blood spurt from his chest. He slumped forward, dropping his phone and his rifle. But then he braced himself, grabbed them both, sat upright again, and once more put the phone to his ear.

I heard him speak again. “Roger that, sir. Thank you.” Then he stood up and staggered out to our bad position, the one guarding our left, and Mikey just started fighting again, firing at the enemy.

He was hitting them too, having made that one last desperate call to base, the one that might yet save us if they could send help in time, before we were overwhelmed.

Only I knew what Mikey had done. He’d understood we had only one realistic chance, and that was to call in help. “He also knew there was only one place from which he could possibly make that cell phone work: out in the open, away from the cliff walls.

Knowing the risk, understanding the danger, in the full knowledge the phone call could cost him his life, Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, son of Maureen, fiancé of the beautiful Heather, walked out into the firestorm.”

“His objective was clear: to make one last valiant attempt to save his two teammates. He made the call, made the connection. He reported our approximate position, the strength of our enemy, and how serious the situation was. When they shot him, I thought mortally, he kept talking.”

“Roger that, sir. Thank you. Will those words ever dim in my memory, even if I live to be a hundred? Will I ever forget them? Would you? And was there ever a greater SEAL team commander, an officer who fought to the last and, as perhaps his dying move, risked everything to save his remaining men?”

“I doubt there was ever anyone better than Mikey, cool under fire, always thinking, fearless about issuing the one-option command even if it was nearly impossible. And then the final, utterly heroic act. Not a gesture. An act of supreme valor. Lieutenant Mikey was a wonderful person and a very, very great SEAL officer. If they build a memorial to him as high as the Empire State Building, it won’t ever be high enough for me.”

“Mikey was still alive, and he carried on, holding the left. I stayed on the right, both of us firing carefully and accurately. I was still trying to reach slightly higher ground. But the depleted army of the Taliban was determined that I should not get it, and every time I tried to advance even a few yards, get even a few feet higher, they drove me back. Mikey too was still trying to climb higher, and he actually made it some of the way, into a rock strata above where I was standing. It was a good spot from which to attack, but defensively poor. And I knew this must surely be Mikey’s last stand.”

“Just then, Axe walked right by me in a kind of a daze, making only a marginal attempt at staying in the cover of the rocks. Then I saw the wound, the right side of his head almost blown away. I shouted, “Axe! Axe! C’mon, old buddy. Get down there, right down there.”

“I was pointing at the one spot in the rocks we might find protection. And he tried to raise his hand, an act of confirmation that he’d heard me. But he couldn’t. And he kept walking, slowly, hunched forward, no longer clutching his rifle. He was down to just his pistol, but I knew he could not hold that, aim, and fire. At least he was headed for cover, even though no one could survive a head wound like that. I knew Axe was dying.”

“Mikey was still firing, but suddenly I heard him scream my name, the most bone-chilling primeval scream: “Help me, Marcus! Please help me!” He was my best friend in all the world, but he was thirty yards up the mountain, and I could not climb to him. I could hardly walk, and if I’d moved two yards out of my protected position, they would have hit me with a hundred bullets.”

“Nonetheless, I edged out around the rocks to try to give him covering fire, to force these bastards back, give him a breather until I could find a way to get up there without getting mowed down.

And all the time, he was screaming, calling out my name, begging me to help him live. And there was nothing I could do except die with him. Even then, with only a couple of magazines left, I still believed I could nail these fuckers in the turbans and somehow save him and Axe. I just wanted Mikey to stop screaming, for his agony to end.”

“But every few seconds, he cried out for me again. And every time it happened, I felt like I’d been stabbed. There were tears welling uncontrollably out of my eyes, not for the first time on this day. I would have done anything for Mikey, I’d have laid down my own life for him. But my death right here in this outcrop of rocks was not going to save him. If I could save him, it would be by staying alive.

And then, as suddenly as it began, the screaming stopped. There was silence for a few seconds, as if even these Taliban warriors understood that Mikey had died. I moved slightly forward and looked up there, in time to see four of them come down and fire several rounds into his fallen body.”

“The screaming had stopped. For everyone except me. I still hear Mikey, every night. I still hear that scream above all other things, even above the death of Danny Dietz. For several weeks I thought I might be losing my mind, because I could never push it aside. There were one or two frightening occasions when I heard it in broad daylight and found myself pressed against a wall, my hands covering my ears.”

It’s an odd even Wednesday

Part 1
20:00 EMOM of:
Odd: 3 Push Press @ 20X0 (75% 1RM)
Even: 3 DB Split Squats @ 20X0 - each leg
Part 2
1 set of:
70 Push-ups
*every time you stop, complete 3 prone Trap 3 Raise w/ PVC @ 1015 before continuing
Part 3
4 sets of:
:30 Hollow Hold
:15 Rest
:30 Arch Hold
:15 Rest


Couple of announcements:

Wednesday night - 10PM - Karaoke semi finals at All Sports! Come cheer Jennie through to the next round!

Sunday afternoon - Brady's birthday party!

AND, last but not least - On Monday, May 26th we will have our holiday schedule in place. We will only have a 10AM class, and we will be doing a Hero Wod! 

Them are heavy

Part 1
20:00 EMOM of:
Odd: 3 Front Squats @ 20X0 (75% 1RM)
Even: 1-4 strict Pull-ups
*sub body rows for pull-ups if needed
Part 2
10 sets of:
:30 KB Swings (24/16)
:20 Rest
Part 3
3:00 Front Leaning Rest


If I was to tell you, "I want you to scream at 75% of what you believe is the LOUDEST you could scream", you'd be screaming pretty loud, right? Well, approach this strength work the same way. A 75% effort squat should feel heavy! Not super impossible heavy, but heavy enough where the weight of the bar sinks into you, and you get a little jiggly in the legs while trying to hold the tempo. Make sense?

Couple reminders - last Sunday was our last yoga class. Boo. If you know anyone interested in coaching yoga at the Fort, have the contact me ASAP.

And this Wednesday night is the elimination round for Karaoke! Come on out and cheer me through to the next round!

Going Away Party


6 Rounds of:
500m Row
~2:00 Rest

The workout isn't the real superstar today - the real superstars are our friends Nicole and Dan Pavel. Nicole has been providing us with top notch Yoga classes and her amazing coconut cake at all the functions! Dan, as you have seen on our testimonial page, has made huge changes to not only the way he works out, but the way he lives his life. He has been an inspiration to us all, and his mischievous sense of humor has kept us on our toes!

I know it's short notice, but please come out to Firewood this Friday night between 7PM and 11PM to have a drink and a laugh with the Pavels before they head off to Texas! And DEFINITELY wake up early this Sunday and come to Nicole's last yoga class at the Fort!