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Shin guards?

November 3rd, 2009, by

Does anyone else think it might be a good idea for all of us to start wearing shin guards while we do box jumps? Sheesh. I'm heading out to Dick's Sporting Goods today to find myself a pair of snazzy pink shin guards to wear under my tall socks.

The workout yesterday started with front squats: 3-3-3-1-1-1. There were quite a few PR's, including Mark R's 140kg, Steph's 80kg, Stacy's 75kg, Matt Lo 102.5kg, Dave's 95kg, Beth 46.5kg, Jessica and Staci 45kg, and Mariah 60kg. Nice work you guys!

After some squatting, we had a SUPER fast metcon for you guys.

box jumps (34/28")

After looking at the times from the GYG, Bill realized that the box jumps just weren't challenging enough. He stepped up the height on the box jumps from 24", to 34" for men, and 28" for the ladies. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!

It was funny to watch people confidently get their boxes set up to the prescribed height, and then pace around it nervously. Mark R's comment was, "That's CRAZY!" Matty Lo's comment was "Geez that's high." As Bill pointed out, it's only 55 reps. SUCK IT UP. :-)

Paleo Thanksgiving looks like it's going to have a great turnout! I counted the RSVP's on the website, and I counted 24 adults, and 14 kids attending. Bill will be ordering the Birds today from Slankers. Thanks to everyone for RSVP'ing! Mmmm......turkey.....Remember that we are asking everyone to please bring a paleo dish to pass. Trish, Garth is in LOVE with your cookies - could you bring a double batch? He drove to our house last night at 9:00 PM just to see if we had any left over from the party. :-)

A lot of people are wondering who won the Better Body Challenge. We are working diligently to get everyone's before & after pictures lined up side by side so that we can compare. I'll let you guys know right now that it is going to be TOUGH to choose a winner! Everyone did an excellent job, and there are some SERIOUSLY noticeable changes in just 60 days. We'll have the pictures updated and the winner announced shortly, so hang in there!

Mikey front squats 130kg's

Mikey front squats 130kg's

15 Responses to "Shin guards?"

  • Thanks to Bill letting me know I could use only a few fingers rather than all 10 to hold the bar, and perhaps a little better flexibility than last time, I was able to PR at 100kg!

  • Did everyone see the before and after of CFF on the Affilate Blog from the main website today? Awesome!

  • Bill...What the deuce? I thought we weren't aloud to use the cross-grip for our front squats, I asked like months ago and was told no, how come Bender gets to use it? :)

  • Mark - I told Bender that he was allowed to use the cross grip because of a wrist injury that he has been nursing. It is incredibly painful and absolutely impossible for him to get the bar into a proper rack position. Once he's fully healed, you can bet your ass that he'll be using the standard grip.

    Here's why we discourage the cross grip UNLESS YOU'RE HURT: The cross grip doesn't carry over to anything else we do at the Fort. The standard rack position, however, DOES carry over. It will carry over to your thrusters, cleans, and even presses. Wrist inflexibility is not an excuse for switching to a cross grip, and will be frowned upon. You will also be mocked publicly by all of us who have worked REALLY HARD to get flexible wrists. :-)

    If your wrists are inflexible, I recommend working on stretching them every time you're at the Fort. Think of it like squat therapy, but for your wrists.

  • Jennie and Garth :)
    I will bring a double batch for sure. I am glad you guys like them so much. I am glad they are so easy to do! I miss everyone at the Fort and hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

  • Yeah, and Mark if you still go to the cross grip, I'll remind you that you'll never live it down. Kinda like that guy that did anchored sit-ups one time and how he received 27 lashings.

    You know how it goes. If that doesn't phase you, then it's baby pictures for you too.

  • For the record I've never done the cross-grip at the Fort, that's just how I used to do them before coming around, either way doesn't bother me, just making sure we're all held to the same standards that's all, and figured there had to be an explanation, injury definitely suffices, Bender hope the wrist heals up soon.

    By the way who was that sit up guy, what a tool :)

  • He's almost as bad as that guy who constantly grabs the back of his legs to do his sit-ups faster

  • cross-gripped squats aside....Mark, you rocked that Elizabeth WOD....those cleans were really tough and your time was awesome!!! I expect a sub-8:00 next time out of you. Good Work!

  • Any chance we can get a group email going so we know who is bringing what and avoid doubling up on something?

  • Lets not get crazy... I only did 72kg. I thought 75 would be too hard. :-)
    I am pretty sure Stephanie got 75 and failed on her 80kg attempt. Just fixin the facts, but all in all they are our PR's!

  • I saw the affiliate blog of the fort! The finished pic is the same pic I have as my screen saver at work! I love the bright colors :)

  • craig....get your ass to the fort.....yes, i am calling you out!!! You put up a sub-7:00 Karen time and then bail on us....giddy up!

  • can borrow my shin guards!!! I just need them on tuesday nights for my soccer