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Top 10 reasons why CrossFit is better than P90X

January 24th, 2011, by

I don't like to be a negative person, but every now and then a situation comes along when my eternally optimistic side has to take a break. With my optimism shoved aside a different side of me gets to come out and play. This is the side of me that yells at airplane passengers seated in the emergency aisle when they ask for help getting their luggage in an overhead bin. This is also the side of me that is sick of CrossFit getting a bad reputation from people who have hardly scratched the surface of what it's TRULY like.

There was recently an article published in Slate Magazine titled "Workout so hard you vomit". Um, I'm sorry....are you talking about CrossFit? I'm pretty sure if you do ANYTHING at high enough intensity you could vomit. Due to the rise in popularity of P90X and this atrocious article, I am left with no choice but to give you the:


1. The group setting - Everything is more fun with OTHER PEOPLE. Well, maybe this guy doesn't think so, but the rest of the world likes to do things together.

2. CrossFit Forces you to socialize - Ah yes, the dreaded socialization. As adults, how many activities do you do that DON'T involve going to the bar, or drinking in your best friend's garage? Hmmm....not many, eh? CrossFit Fire provides a healthy outlet for adults to socialize. Yes, we have outings and we drink. But the majority of our time is spent together celebrating each other's success in the gym.

3. It's lifelong, not just 90 days - CrossFit promotes a lifelong health and wellness regime. The same cannot be said about P90X. The very nature of P90X is that it is meant to be done for 90 days at a time. Then what???

4. You get to lift heavy stuff - Be a man, pick up something heavy! do it again.

5. Coaching- I know that you feel like you are doing everything EXACTLY like the overly tanned instructor in your video, but how can you tell if you're doing it right? Who do you go to if you get hurt? What if you have a pre-existing injury that prevents you from doing one or more of the movements and you need a substitution?

6. Accountability - If you were really THAT self motivating, would we be in this predicament to begin with??

7. The t-shirts - Yeah, I know it sounds corny, but the t-shirts are pretty damn cool.

8. CrossFit is a sport, not just a way to find your abs in 90 days - With any sport comes friendly competition. Friendly competition is what pushes people to find the limits of what they used to think possible!

9. Functionality - All that fitness from the comfort of your family room? Really? Sound too good to be true. CrossFit prepares your body for movements you use in everyday life.

10. You get to be loud - Your wife hates to hear you gruntng from the basement. Separate yourself from your family environment and enter The Zone. Spend that car ride transitioning from Dad to athlete, and then back to super Dad. Besides, nobody ever sets a 20kg deadlift PR listening to their kids fight, and figuring out whose turn it is to hold the remote.

10 Responses to "Top 10 reasons why CrossFit is better than P90X"

  • Read the article she's referring to...your blood will boil. Reminds me that the world is full of idiots.

  • I didnt care for that 5 reasons they are diferent post on the affiliate face book blog thingy. This is much much better. Seriously tomato cans? wtf? I have no doubt that some people have great results with the P90X thing. How ever... take your beach body brazillian but lifted hip hop ab'ed P90Xer and put 45pound dumbells in there hands and have them do a few thrusters and lets see what the out come is. Show me a P90Xer that can DL 200k only using that program.

    How ever if you could find me a 110k hay bail I might actualy get under it while push jerking....its only hay right, how bad could that hurt falling on you?

  • "....its secret is the scientific revolutionary breakthrough called MUSCLE CONFUSION!...."

    I smile every time I hear it.

  • My brother-in-law did P90X and had great results, but he does Crossfit workouts now. He really wishes he had one close to him because he likes it soooo much better! And Mark and I are always talking about it too! :) It is fun lifting heavy stuff! And I don't have all that equipment at home. I just have kids! I did front squat Whitman the other day too, that was fun! ha ha

  • ok, I admit it. A looooong time ago, way before CrossFit, I actually purchased P90X. But I ended up sending it back within a week. I felt like a complete dork doing his workouts, plus…the guy just CREEPED me out! Jennie and Bill are far less creepy :)

  • Wow I'm surprised P90X got this much out of you Jennie, didn't think you'd spend the time considering that anyone who has done both or even watched the infomercial knows that P90 doesn't hold a candle to what's done in the Crossfit world, I guess we're in for a new brand of monday posts.

    I'm hoping for 'Top 10 Reasons Crossfit is better than Chuck Norris' Total Gym' next. Jennie squares off against americas favorite blackbelt...can't wait. :)

  • I like how Melissa didn't say Jennie and Bill aren't creepy, just that they're LESS creepy than weirdo Tony Horton.

    Talk about being damned by faint praise...


  • Wow Brian....right up until you posted that comment, I was basking in the glory of Melissa's kind words. Thank you for raining on my "yay me" parade.

  • Haha. I didn't realize what I said until I read Brian's comment. I didn't mean it that way at ALL. Blame it on all the schoolwork I've been doing lately. My brain is FRIED!

  • I did p90x in the past and it gave me great results not only in looks but functionality as well, although I plan on doing crossfit in the near future I have p90x to thank for boosting my Army Physical Fitness score from 284 to 330 on the extended scale. There are things to do after the 90 days one could make a hybrid program utilizing some of the workouts, or even just move on to crossfit.