Back Squat
E2M 3 reps x 6 sets – Work to a heavy weight not a max

Thrusters 43/30k
Pull Ups sc;Banded Pull Ups

Post WOD Accessory:
Alt Rev Lunges 3 sets x 12 reps
Good Mornings 4 sets x 8 reps


  1. July 4th we are closed!
  2. This week we will have strength every day so that next week we can do max testing!
  3. I will be coming out with some programming options for those interested in continuing my programming after we close on the 14th. I will be putting out more details on this very soon. If you are interested in this send me an email to teddy@crossfitfire.com. There will be multiple options such as:
    1. Accessory Strength Option: an option for those who want to continue to get strong. this will have strength movements to complete after your WOD
    2. Crossfit Option: this option will have a strength movement, WOD, and accessory movements for you to complete everyday just like our programmign now
    3. Individual Programming: This is for those who have specific goals whether that is sports,  strength, competitive crossfit, bodybuilding, and any other goals you may have.