How everyone felt after 17.1

Tuesday WOD

Warm Up:
:20 sec on/ :10 sec off x 6 rds each of
Ball Slams 30/20
Seal Jacks

Partner WOD In Teams of 2
For Time:
1000 m row
60 Bench Press 60k/45k rx+:80k/60k
1500 m row
40 Bench Press
2000 m row
20 Bench Press

Important Notice:
Friday 03/24/2017
This Friday will be our last Open WOD for the year of 2017. We ask that you guys all come to the 5:30pm class for this final workout. Invite your friends and family to come watch and encourage you while we kick this WOD’s ass. There is a sign up sheet for you guys to choose what to bring in. If you want to bring something that isn’t on there please do!
First heat will start at 5:30pm make sure you guys come in early to warm up!